Aspire Scientific

Case Study:


The client

One of the world’s top 5 pharmaceutical companies.

The challenge

Publications are a key asset in supporting the development and marketing of new therapies. But as the volume of literature on a compound grows, keeping track of everything that is out there and ensuring key stakeholders can easily review and access the full range of published information can be challenging. To address training needs, our client needed to ensure their medical teams could search and access all of the publications – including manuscripts, abstracts and functions – for their new respiratory agent. With the drug approaching launch, it was essential that new members of the growing team could quickly build their knowledge of the evidence base as well as identify and access relevant publications to support them in their work.

The solution

Aspire Scientific first worked to identify all of the relevant publications – including manuscripts, abstracts and posters – for the novel therapy. These were then incorporated into a highly interactive and visually engaging slide compendium that allowed users both to see the big picture of the breadth of scientific publications and drill down into the detail. Use of icons facilitated intuitive navigation of the wealth of information, while extensive and intuitive hyperlinking allowed searching of the compendium according to a wide range of parameters, including journal or congress, publication type and date. Our clients were impressed by both the look and functionality of the finished slides.

"It has been a wonderful experience collaborating and interacting with you on the development of this deck"
"The compendium slide deck has received a lot of appreciation for the design, navigation and content presentation from the Associate Scientific Communications Director"

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