Medical Writer / Aspirations alumnus

My route to becoming a Medical Writer through Aspirations

I applied to join Aspirations as I was coming to the final year of my DPhil, looking at the antiviral and immunomodulatory properties of iminosugar drugs. I had recently heard about medcomms and was excited by the potential of continuing to utilise a scientific mindset and communication skills, without remaining a bench researcher in academia. The stability and flexibility of the career path were also appealing.

During my time on Aspirations, I worked on several projects, ranging from manuscript outlines and first drafts to PowerPoint summaries of congress presentations, spanning a variety of therapy areas. The enjoyable projects allowed me to get a good feel for life as a Medical Writer, and alongside the feedback received from the Aspire Scientific team, cemented my belief that a career in medcomms would be a good fit for me.

During my time with Aspirations, I was thrilled to be offered a full-time position as a Medical Writer at Aspire, lining up the next step in my career before beginning to write my DPhil thesis. I started at Aspire in January 2019, and was immediately welcomed into the team and Aspire life. I knew that I had made an excellent choice in joining a company that authentically lives its people-first values, actively promoting work-life balance and giving employees an effective voice. I was a key writer in my account team, working on client projects right from the start, with on-the-job training (such as in publication best practices), guidance, and feedback from my account lead invaluable for the transition from academia to medcomms. I also got involved activities outside my account, including writing for The Publication Plan . I have now been at Aspire for a little over 4 years, in which time I have progressed to Principal Medical Writer. I remain very grateful for the opportunities I gained through Aspirations.

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